Our planet is getting more and more warm every year. The last two years have been the hottest that Earth has ever experienced. However, this year is expected to be the worst of them all. Forecasters experts believe that the worst heatwave ever is very close. 

Summer is all about dreamy sunshine, golden sand and crystal waters. But with summer comes high temperatures which can pose a significant health risk for many of us especially for young children and elderly people

No matter how much you might enjoy warm weather, being too hot for too long is putting you in danger and should be avoided. Blaux Portable AC is here for you!

Say goodbye to sweaty nights and that suffocating feeling on the chest with Blaux Portable AC.

During summer air conditioning feels like the only way to survive high temperatures. And it’s true. Our place should be cool otherwise we may get a headache or nausea or even worse, suffer a heat exhaustion.

However regular AC units are outdated, expensive to install and even more expensive to run. On top of that, you can’t move them around the house or carry them with you. What if I told you that there is a device that keeps your space cool and breezy but it’s at the same time portable and energy saving?

Blaux Portable AC is an innovative smart device that is the best alternative to traditional AC units. Read below and learn why.


What are we talking about?

Blaux Portable AC is a brand new smart device that does what regular ACs do but at a fraction of the size and at a fraction of the price. Blaux Portable AC is the perfect solution to protect and relieve yourself and your family from hot and humid weather as it is affordable and portable.

Blaux Portable AC combines effectiveness with practicality and affordability. Nowadays, it’s very hard to find a trustworthy device that doesn’t sacrifice quality for a low price. Blaux Portable AC offers instant relief from high temperatures as it transforms dry, suffocating and hot air into cool and fresh.

Its sleek and ergonomic design is a result of many years of research. Blaux Portable AC was developed by two German engineers who were fed up with hot and humid weather. They were not at all happy with traditional AC units that were very costly to install and run. Keep in mind that regular ACs use freon, a harmful ingredient that has been linked to ozone depletion.


These engineers quickly realised that they couldn’t anymore rely on traditional AC units. Not only are they expensive, but also ineffective as you probably need more than one in your home to keep it cool. On the contrary, Blaux Portable AC has a compact design and as a result you can take it with you wherever you go.

In simple terms, Blaux Portable AC is the perfect solution for a breezy and hassle-free summer as it’s portable, affordable, easy to use, energy-saving and eco-friendly. This little yet powerful box will upgrade your everyday life and make your summer as joyful and peacuful as it should be!


How does Blaux Portable AC work?

Blaux Portable AC not only cools but also cleans and humidifies the air around you. A silent fan combined with wet filter pads is the secret of success. Blaux Portable AC draws the air inside and then cleans it through the filters. The groundbreaking technology behind this device is that Blaux Portable AC uses the evaporation of water to cool the air, the same process that nature uses in order to lower air temperature. Finally, the cooled air is evenly distributed in your space.

The revolutionary feature that made Blaux Portable AC a best seller item worldwide is that it doesn’t use any chemicals such as freon but just water. This way this smart device is not only affordable but also eco-friendly. High temperatures are a consequence of using all these toxic chemicals and using them to protect ourselves from hot weather leads to a vicious circle.

Blaux Portable AC is also ideal for reducing the inhalation of pollen, debris and dust. Many of us are struggling with allergies and need our space to be clean all year long. Humidity doesn’t help either. The air coming out from Blaux Portable AC is not only cool but also fresh, pure and moist. This is a crucial part of battling allergies and surely helps you overcome symptoms like a runny nose and red eyes.

Thanks to its 3000mAh rechargeable battery, Blaux Portable AC is impressingly powerful. Keep in mind that Blaux Portable AC connects to any USB battery source just like your laptop or your mobile phone. Otherwise you can connect it to a regular socket using the type-C cable that comes with Blaux Portable AC.

How do I use it?

Blaux Portable AC is very simple to use, clean and maintain. You just only need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Add tap water on the tank on top of Blaux Portable AC
  2. Insert the replaceable filter
  3. Plug it in and that’s all!

Blaux Portable AC is ready to work and provide your space with a cool and fresh breeze that will relieve you from deadly summer heat!

Safe For Everyone

Make sure that you and your family breathe dust-free, pure and fresh air. Ideal for families with babies, children and elderly people.

Safe For The Planet

Blaux Portable AC puts an end to air pollution and supports environmental sustainability as it is energy saving and chemical-free.

Safe For Your Bank Account

Blaux Portable AC makes air conditioning affordable for everyone as it is budget-friendly and not costly to run on a daily basis.

Why is Blaux Portable AC the best option?

There are many reasons why you should choose Blaux Portable AC instead of a regular AC unit. The most important one is that this smart device is much more than just an air cooler. Blaux Portable AC does not only cool the air but also purifies and moisturizes it. This is very crucial for our health especially for young children and elderly people who are more vulnerable.

Its affordable price and low running costs make Blaux Portable AC the best alternative to regular AC units. It doesn’t need any special installation and it’s very easy to clean. Just take out the filter and rinse it with water. On top of that, Blaux Portable AC consumes low energy and helps you save money. Running a regular AC all day long is crazy expensive and not all eco-friendly.

It’s time for us to start using new ecological technologies that do not harm our environment and climate but also combine effectiveness with affordability. Blaux Portable AC is exactly what we need right now: a sustainable choice that brings quick results with a low cost and without hurting our planet.

Thanks to its compact size and light weight, Blaux Portable AC is the perfect travel-buddy. You can carry it wherever you go and enjoy a breezy summer without worrying about high temperatures and humidity. It can be used as a personal air cooler at your office or you can use it in your bedroom during night time. It’s energy saving and almost silent so you can leave it running all night long without paying a fortune at electricity bills.

All that combined with the silent fan that’s inside Blaux Portable AC, make this device the absolute summer essential! You can use Blaux Portable AC during the night without spending a fortune on electricity bills. Blaux Portable AC will keep your bedroom clean and cool and this is when you’ll understand how important that is for a good night’s sleep. No more sweaty and uncomfortable summer nights!


Why should I buy it?

Blaux Portable AC is an air cooler, air purifier and humidifier all-in-one! It’s a multifunctional device that can be used all year around and not only during summer. Clean dust-free air is essential no matter the season, especially for those who suffer from asthma and allergies, babies, children and elder people.

Living in polluted cities with poor air quality is a health hazard for everyone. We have to at least make sure that the air that we breathe in our home is pure and safe for all of us.

  • Multifunctional
    Blaux Portable AC can be used in many ways. It cools, cleans and moisturizes the air around you. You can use it all year round to keep your place fresh and cool.
  • Eco-friendly
    With Blaux Portable AC you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals. It needs only water as it uses water evaporation to clean and cool the air.
  • Almost Silent
    Blaux Portable AC is equipped with an almost silent fan. This way you can use it all night long without any noise disrupting your sleep.
  • Portable
    Thanks to its compact design, Blaux Portable AC is lightweight and can be easily carried around. Ideal for your office, living room, bathroom or holidays.
  • Budget-friendly
    Blaux Portable AC combines effectiveness with affordability. Who said that keeping your place cool means high electricity bills?

Our editors tried it and this is their review

All these years, we thought that traditional AC units were the only way to protect ourselves and our families from a heatwave. Air conditioning does make the air cooler however it doesn’t make it any less dry or dirty. Many of us have children or parents suffering from asthma and allergies so keeping our place clean and moist is really significant.

Blaux Portable AC seemed like a great catch! An air-cooler, air-purifier and humidifier in one device and with such a low price? We had never seen something like this before. Our expectations were really high. Blaux Portable AC is extremely popular all over the world and has gathered excellent reviews so we thought to give it a try.

The first thing we noticed was its sleek design and its tiny size. Blaux Portable AC is a small powerful stylish box contrary to ugly and bulky AC units. It’s lightweight and as a result we could use it in more than one place. We took it to the office and used it as a personal air cooler. We were really impressed!

Blaux Portable AC brings quick results from the very first moment. The air got instantly cooler and felt cleaner. The silent mode is more than useful as the annoying sound that regular fans make can be very frustrating after using them for a long time. With Blaux Portable AC you can work without losing your concentration and sleep peacefully without any disturbing noise. 

We totally recommend buying Blaux Portable AC. It’s effective, safe for everyone, affordable, eco-friendly and multifunctional. After using it for a couple of months, we can’t imagine surviving summer without Blaux Portable AC!

How can I get Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC is currently only sold online. You can make it yours with a few steps. The check out process is very simple and the payment process 100% secure. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Get 50% discount and worldwide shipping
  3. Get Blaux Portable AC and enjoy cleaner and cooler air!
ⓘ Tip:

Blaux Portable AC is a best seller all over the world and as there only a few pieces still available. We recommend you place your order on time before the discount expires.