Have you ever felt the intense need to cool down from the overwhelming heat and humidity? With this little device, you can now stay cool wherever you are! Blaux Wearable AC is a new innovative portable device that actually works and it’s here to save your day..

This New Device is The Ultimate Way To Stay Cool During Hot Days. Owning This New Device Is Like Having a Personal AC When You’re INDOORS AND OUTDOORS.

In the pleasant summer days, I like outdoor activities such as planting flowers in my backyard, strolling with my wife in the parks, enjoying the natural environment with birds, animals and fresh air.

However, I’m afraid of high temperature. In my hometown, the weather of 100℉ (38℃) happens often. Outdoors, even under 85℉, I will be sweating a lot; inside my home, I don’t feel well either because my wife often keeps the air conditioner at relatively high temperature, thus feeling as hot as in a sauna.

A few days ago, when I was chatting with my elder brother who’s an aerospace engineer, he saw me in a hot sweat and so gave me a small device, putting it on my neck and saying it can cool me down.

At first, I doubted whether the gadget can work, but I respected my brother’s opinion (after all, he is a rocket scientist.)

To my surprise, after wearing the gadget for a few hours, I had no sweat, feeling very comfortable! Even my wife felt cool from my body. With better breathing, I felt my seasonal allergy symptoms also relieved in fact.

So What Exactly Is It?

Blaux Wearable AC is a high-quality personal air-conditioning device equipped with a filter and super quiet non-coaxial fans. It’s lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear as well. Designed to fit all sizes, Blaux Wearable AC works great at providing a constant stream of clean, refreshing air, wherever. See Blaux Wearable AC in Action..

It is a small AC unit that can be worn comfortably around the neck. This device provides a steady, cool environment that can be enjoyed by the wearer.

The Βlaux Wearable AC is ideal for getting relief from the oppressive heat in warmer climates, especially during the summer season.

If you live in a warm climate, then you know exactly how important it can be to stay cool during hot days!

Unlike traditional fans and AC units, the Βlaux Wearable AC can travel with you wherever you go. This is because it is battery-operated and does not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet while in use.

You can wear the Blaux Wearable AC unit anywhere and enjoy the ice-cold air it provides anywhere you go.

How Does It Work?

Blaux Wearable AC is extremely easy to use. It can be operated by anyone regardless of their experience.

  1. Charge the device.
  2. Adjust the fan speed and airflow with the press of a button.
  3. Click the button and it will start working instantly.

Now enjoy the cool air! So simple. Even kids can use it.

Why is Blaux Wearable AC So Revolutionary?

After testing it for weeks, we came to the conclusion that these are Blaux Wearable AC‘s most unique characteristics that make it so famous among people’s choices.

  • Easy to Wear and Super Comfortable – Imagine escaping the sweltering heat and feeling cool and comfortable wherever you are!  Blaux Wearable AC works instantly to create this feeling and sustains it as long as you have it on. The device has a 5-degree flex fit for all neck sizes. It can fit into men’s, women’s, and even kids’ neck.
  • Compact and Convenient – Blaux Wearable AC can be used whenever you need it. You can put the device in a bag or carry around it; you can take it with you on any vacation, business trip, or even in the office. Wherever you are, you can stay cool and cozy. It lasts up to 30 hours of power per charge. You can charge it overnight and start wearing it the next day. It keeps you cool during the whole day. It has a cool-looking, slim, and modern design. Also, it is very lightweight so that you don’t get tired of wearing it!
  • Super Easy To Use – The problem we often see with new tech gadgets is that they can be difficult to use and function. Blaux Wearable AC wins the summer heat with the push of a button. Just place it around your neck, push a button, and enjoy! So simple! It has three-speed modes: High, Medium, Low. You can choose any mode according to how hot it is.
  • Protection Against Dust and Pollutants – This breakthrough wearable AC does not just produce cool air, it also filters the air around you, effectively reducing dust, and pollutants you may encounter. Especially in times like this, cleanliness and trying to keep things sanitary is extremely critical to everyone. With Blaux Wearable AC  you have a way to keep some of this stuff away from you and avoid breathing it into your lungs.

Who Can Benefit from Blaux Wearable AC?

The answer is simple! ANYONE!

This lightweight, compact personal air conditioning unit plugs into any USB port providing fresh, cool, comforting air indoors as well as outdoors.

Are you working in an office and it is really hot inside there? Are you having a walk in the park but you can’t really enjoy it because of the high temperature? Now you can!

Watching TV, reading, working in the garage, sitting on the patio, camping, or boating, Blaux Wearable AC easily goes anywhere with you. Also, its super quiet operation won’t disturb you or the others!

Now you are able to feel great again indoors and outdoors! 

The cool air on your neck feels like a refreshing breeze. Blaux Wearable AC is like a miracle! And the big lithium internal battery lasts for up to 30 hours on a single charge!

We also highly recommend you to take advantage of the very attractive multiple order discount options that Blaux Wearable AC is offering. Why not get one for your loved ones or one for your friends?

Cutting Edge Features of Blaux Wearable AC

  • Ιntense & Positionable Airflow. Ιt moves a massive amount of air with 1.9 CFM+ Rating (Cubic Feet Per Minute)
  • One Size Fits All. The device has a 5-degree flex fit for all neck sizes. Works for Men, Women, and even Children.
  • 3 Fan Speed Modes. Adjust for Maximum Comfort.
  • Easy USB-C charging with 30 Hours Runtime per Charge.
  • Built-in Ionizer to remove potentially dangerous particulate matter from the air you breathe.
  • Easy to Clean and Care For

Questions and Answers about Blaux Wearable AC

Q1: Does Blaux Wearable AC require batteries?

No, the Blaux Wearable AC comes with a rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery that allows 30 hours of use per charge. Plus, easy USB-C charging (USB cable provided). No need to worry about stocking up on batteries. Charge it overnight and you’re ready to wear it all the next day.

Q2: How much can I use it per day?

It’s safe to use all day long. However, it’s not recommended to use while you’re lying down or sleeping.

Q3: Does the device feel warm on my neck?

No, because the Blaux Wearable AC blows clean, filtered air around you, it effectively whisks away heat. You’ll enjoy the cooling sensation the Blaux Wearable AC provides on a hot day.

Q4: Is there any professional assistance required?

In order to use Blaux Wearable AC no professional assistance is required. It’s as easy as placing it around your neck and pushing a button! So simple!

What Did Our Editorial Team Think About It?

With over 100,000 satisfied customers, we had to try it and test it by ourselves. Here’s what our team thought about it…

I use Blaux Wearable AC at the office and during lunchtime. It allows me to set my own cool personal temperature. I like it cool, so I can think clearly and work hard. Having fresh air is always a serious plus.

The ventilation in the office isn’t great. I love having my Blaux Wearable AC with me whenever I’m there. It makes my personal space much more pleasant. It helps me get through the day.

At first, I thought I would look weird wearing it, but I discovered the exact opposite. Both men and women thought it looked cool, and lots of people asked me about it.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes!
With summer hitting and big heat waves just around the corner Blaux Wearable AC will keep you cool, and comfortable. Time to finally enjoy summer without sweating and stressing under the pounding heat.

Blaux Wearable AC is very popular among people who are interested in high-quality cool air and it has already sold a large number of units. Also, most importantly, Blaux Wearable AC is very affordable for what it offers. The promotion price is amazing for a device of this high-level.

So, our final Verdict? We say, DEFINITELY, pick one up before they go! We highly recommend buying Blaux Wearable AC as it is at the moment, the best personal cooling device in the market.

Also if you join the VIP club you get free product upgrades and other great benefits! Think about it.

How Can You Get Blaux Wearable AC?

Order Blaux Wearable AC from the Official Website. It is important to get a genuine effective model and not some cheap copycat that doesn’t really work. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is now extending its one-time discount of 50% off.  

So, don’t wait anymore! Hurry up and order Blaux Wearable AC Now!

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